7 Best Sea World Rides You Can’t Miss In Orlando

7 Best Sea World Rides You Can’t Miss In Orlando

7 Best Sea World Rides You Can’t Miss In Orlando

If you’re planning a trip to Orlando, one destination you absolutely should not miss is Sea World. Known for its thrilling rides and captivating marine life exhibits, Sea World Orlando offers an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages.

To make the most of your visit, here are the seven best sea world rides that you simply cannot miss.


Prepare for an exhilarating journey aboard the mighty Kraken Unleashed – a floor-less roller coaster that will leave you breathless. With its twists, turns, and inversions, this ride offers a heart pounding adventure through an underwater realm. Brace yourself for an unforgettable encounter with this legendary beast.  


Named after the fastest shark in the ocean, this is a hyper coaster that guarantees a wild ride. Feel the rush as you reach speeds of up to 73 mph on this thrilling attraction. Experience the weightlessness as you soar through high-speed turns and massive drops – mimicking the movement of a hunting shark.

Infinity Falls

Get ready to embrace the splash! Hop aboard Infinity Falls – a whitewater rafting adventure that takes you through roaring rapids and towering waterfalls. Brace yourself for unexpected twists and turns as you navigate the thrilling rapids. It culminates in a breathtaking 40-foot drop. Prepare to get wet!

Journey to Atlantis

Embark on a mystical voyage as you plunge into the depths of the lost city of Atlantis. This water coaster hybrid combines the excitement of a thrilling roller coaster with the refreshing splashdown of a water ride. Brace yourself for a thrilling adventure filled with unexpected surprises and an epic finale that will leave you drenched.


Experience the sensation of soaring through the sky like a giant Manta Ray on this unique roller coaster. Dive, twist, and glide through the air as you enjoy a front row seat to breathtaking views. With its unique face down position, this ride delivers an adrenaline pumping experience that will make you feel like you’re part of the underwater world.

Ice Breaker

Onward and upward thrill seekers!  Go for a ride in the sky on Ice Breaker.  This coaster shoots you backwards with a reverse launch and then forward like a sling shot.  You’ll twist, turn and dive on a coaster you won’t soon forget!  This ride has a 93 foot spike with an angle of 100 degrees!  

New in 2023 – Pipeline: The Surf Coaster

Stand up and get in the groove!  Prepare yourself for Seaworld’s newest thrill ride!   You’ll feel as though you are one with the waves as you rush up 110 feet at 60mph and take an adrenaline plunge like no other.  This state-of-the-art coaster has a new type of dynamic seats that give the rider freedom of movement unlike any other coaster.    

There you have it – the best rides at Sea World Orlando. Now the question remains, how are you going to book your visit? While you’re in Orlando, will you also stop in at Universal Studios? What about Disney World? So much to do, so little time.

New in 2023 – Pipeline: The Surf Coaster

Take the Plunge – Literally

If you’re ready to embark on one of the best vacations ever in Orlando, include a visit to Sea World. It has something for everyone. While in Orlando, however, don’t ignore the perfect opportunity to visit Universal Studios

Since we’re on the topic of places to visit in Orlando, don’t forget about Disney World. There, you can find Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney Hollywood Studios, Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and more.

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