Jessica, November 2021

We hired Nathan and Sean for 6 hours (ended up extending to 8) for our group of 14 and they did not disappoint!! We weren’t really sure what to expect but their services REALLY helped us enjoy our day stress free and we got so much done! After pretty frustrating and unsuccessful days at Epcot and Animal Kingdom we really wanted a tour guide to help make our day efficient and fun and that’s exactly what they delivered! Even just having someone there to stay with our 4 strollers while we enjoyed the rides was so convenient! If you’re considering booking don’t think twice, worth every penny! We will without a doubt be using them for our next visit to Disney 🙂

Peter, October 2021

Royal Family Tours and specifically Nathan make a potentially fraught situation (lines, heat, hours, crowds, navigation, meltdowns) beyond magical. Buyer beware: once you do Disney (or other parks) with these guys, you won’t be able to go it alone ever again. Nathan has guided us twice now, and we recommend him to all our friends.

Anastasia, September 2021

Estuvo increíble! La pasamos muy bien en Hollywood Studios! Hicimos muy pocas filas, un recorrido muy personalizado, nos subimos a todo lo que quisimos. Nathan, el mejor. Mis hijos lo amaron!!!! Gracias royal family tours!

Eddy, August 2021

This was an amazing service, Brianna was very familiar and a huge resource to make sure that this experience was magical for me and my 12 year old daughter. I would gladly hire Brianna to show us around anytime we are in the area! Thank you!

Kim, May 2021

We had a such a wonderful time with Royal Family Tours! I always like to get the most out of going to a Theme Park – I want to see and do everything in one day but usually that’s not possible for a place of Epcot’s size! Nathan made that possible! We were not only able to see and do everything that we wanted to, but we were also able to beat the crowds and have fun the whole way through! Nathan and Karina are such good time too – we had a lot of laughs and great conversation! It definitely made for a fun, hassle-free and relaxing experience! Would highly recommend!!

Melissa, May 2021

I’m a bit late on my review but I wanted to leave one for my tour guide her name is Bree she took my family and I on a tour through the Animal Kingdom. She was amazing and super helpful with my kids. She helped me push my daughter who was in a stroller and carried my bag too. And also was holding my sons hand at some point. She took us to the best rides and attractions in the park and helped me with a fast pass for my daughter who is an amputee and made her feel extra special on her birthday that day with a birthday pin. All the staff where wishing my daughter a happy birthday it was definitely special. I have nothing bad to say about my tour guide she is truly amazing and extremely helpful. Even on my final last day in Orlando I texted her about places to eat for one good last meal and gave me some good recommendations. Thank you again Bree your truly amazing and extremely helpful my family and I where really happy with the tour ❤️❤️

Ashley, July 2021

From the minute we started working with Royal Family VIP Tours we knew we had made the right choice. Nathan began planning our trip with us weeks before we left. He helped with reservations to character dining that we were not able to book on our own. He took copious notes on what experiences were important to us at Magic Kingdom, and made sure they all happened. While other families were waiting in line for hours, Nathan worked his magic to let us wait only 15-20 minutes per ride. We moved quickly from ride to ride and experienced everything on our list in one day! We were so impressed with Nathan, that within the first hour at Magic Kingdom with him, we asked if he would be our guide at Hollywood Studios as well. Nathan did not disappoint! We even managed to ride Rise of the Resistance, build a light saber at Savi’s workshop and enjoy drinks at Oga’s Cantina! We were a challenging group with 4 adults, a 17 year old, a 7 year old and a 2 year old. Nathan was personable, professional and punctual! He carried bags, pushed our stroller, rode rides to take our pictures, provided ponchos in the rain and made us feel like family. Hats off to Royal Family for making our Disney experience the best possible one! We would recommend Nathan 110%! – Janet & Ashley

J Fisher, July 2021

We had such a great time at Universal Islands of Adventure/Studios! Bre was our guide and we couldn’t have been more happy with her knowledge of the parks and best times to ride. Her friendliness and overall love of Orlando made the day a lot of fun! Make sure you ride the Velocicoaster, it’s hands down one of the best coasters I have ridden! The water rides are a must for the whole family! Get there early and enjoy everything the park has to offer. I will definitely be booking Royal Family Tours for our next Orlando adventure!!!

Sarah, April 2021

I would highly recommend Royal Family Tours. I found them through a friend and I’m not sure I can ever do a theme park again without them. I booked my tickets separately from them and was having issues, so Nathan helped me sort it out. He checked on me several times before the scheduled day.

The day of the event he arrived and waited in line for us so when we arrived we had a very short wait. He had several things planned for us that he thought we would like and always gave us the option to do that or something else. He kept us on track and let us know when we would need to be where in order to not be late. After the Orca show that he suggested, we went on a rafting ride and only waited 5 minutes. When we got off the ride, it was a 45 minute wait. He knows when to be where and I didn’t have to plan or think about what to do next. If we hadn’t hired him, we would have spent our day wandering around trying to figure out what to do next. He helped us utilize our time efficiently so we made the most out of our day. He even went on the rides with us! The kids loved him!!!

If you are on the fence about whether or not it’s worth it, it is 110% worth every penny. I will use him again next time for sure.

Larissa, January 2020

Need a stress free, hassle free experience? This is where to go!

I cannot even begin to express how happy we were with there services. Had we not had them we would have not been able to do everything we did.

I didn’t think getting a tour was necessary but BOY WAS I SO WRONG. It’s a MUST.

My husband and I planned a trip to Orlando for our anniversary. We decided to hire their services in order to make the most of our experience. They took the time to call us, and help plan our days. We planned meals, rides, shows and meeting characters. They took into account that I don’t really like roller coasters, or really any kind of ride. Which is tricky when they happen to be part of the main attractions. I decided to be brave and do what I could handle. The patience of these people is beyond me. After one of the rides I was just not feeling it was super nauseous, but my husband wanted to do another ride so BOOM they got on with him while I chilled and tried to recover and Honestly I was grateful for that. I didn’t want my husband to miss out but I also didn’t want to get on. This was thoughtful.

They made sure we met our favorite characters without waiting in a line for hours! We waited maybe 15-20 minutes max. Which people wait hours to get pictures with them!

They made us reservations at such Amazing places for dinner. When I say they know where to get good food they know. Most places don’t accept walk ups or day of reservations so we are grateful for this.

They get to know you and what you like and what you’re about. They make the experience about you. And that’s alone is worth it. I had never been to Disney before and was told I would need several days in each park to see it all, but with them I only needed one. Beyond grateful.

Adriana, February 2020

La otra es la mejor experiencia que he tenido en Disney, soy abuela de 6 niños tengo 52 años y vengo a Disney planeando mi viaje con anticipación para ir pagando las cosas mes a mes. Escuché de el servicio VIP tour y pensé que era algo fraudulento, pues no lo es, yo no lo conocía hasta que vi una historia de Instagram de un cantante mexicano que hizo un tour de este tipo en Orlando, tour que no es de Disney, son empresas independientes. En este grupo hay una persona que tiene su empresa FAMILY TOURS VIP @⁨Karina Dike Tour Disney Anaheim VIP⁩ y ella nos cotizó. Nos quedamos menos días en Disney, es decir lo que ahorramos en hotel y en entradas fue para contratar a @⁨Karina Dike Tour Disney Anaheim VIP⁩ El día de ayer, estuvimos con los nietos mi hija y mi esposo en California adventure y en 6 hr habíamos subido a casi todos los juegos, el joven que nos atendió de guía fue tan amable que nos dejó con 4 fast pass para los juegos que nos faltaban. Fue algo muy satisfactorio el resultado de esa inversión, el joven desde que entras al parque está monitoreando toooooodo y te va guiando juego a juego, fue un gran día, una experiencia que vale muchísimo la pena! Hoy fuimos a Disney, hoy no contratamos a @⁨Karina Dike Tour Disney Anaheim VIP⁩ y casi quería llorara, había un mundo de gente ( nada raro jajajaja) nos subimos a 6 juegos con todo y maxpass y fast pass . Mañana vuelve el guía acompañarnos y espero que mi familia y yo tengamos realmente un día muy aprovechado en Disneyland. Se los quiero compartir, en mi caso con mi nieterio y mis años, es perfecto menos días subiéndose a tooooooodo con filas de maximo 15 min que fue lo que @⁨Karina Dike Tour Disney Anaheim VIP⁩ me garantizò y ha sido una gran experiencia. Pues solo quería compartir lo que he vivido nuevo en este viaje! Saludos a todas!!!!

Amy, December 2019

Disneyworld at Christmas was actually ENJOYABLE! Will only go with Royal Family VIP Tours! We decided a few weeks before Christmas to go to Disneyworld for December 24th and 25th. Since I (mom) am usually the vacation planner and have planned and executed several Disney trips before, I knew this was going to be stressful. I decided to find a private tour guide and found Royal Family Tours on tripadvisor. I knew the guides would not be able to get me any “special treatment”, I just didn’t want the stress of planning the trip, the fast passes and I most importantly did not want to be looking at my phone the entire time in the park figuring out where we were, how to get to the next place and which fast passes to get when, etc. I wanted to enjoy the park and rides with my family. Once I decided to get Royal Family VIP tours, I spoke with Nathan who spent about 30+ minutes on the phone with me getting to know what kind of experience we were looking for and what days we would be in the parks. He answered all my questions and gave an honest assessment of whether he could be helpful for us. I let him know our group would include myself, my husband, our 7 year old and my sister. We did not have too many specific requirements, but we were open to him planning for us to have a good experience.

From there he had started on our planning. He started with our fast passes and lunch and dinner reservations. Considering the time of year and it being last minute planning, he had little to work with, but was eager and worked hard! We emailed and spoke a handful of times prior to us leaving for our trip. He was available and responsive. He continued to monitor fast pass times and restaurant reservations to optimize our schedule prior to arrival. Nathan stayed in contact until we met on the first morning and from there we just followed him around from one ride to the next, he knew where every bathroom was – as soon as someone said they needed to use it, he was immediately walking us to the closest bathroom with the shortest line (if any!). And then right back on schedule. If my son said he wasn’t interested in a ride and changed his mind, no problem, Nathan went right away to move the schedule around. When rides became unexpectedly temporarily closed down during our fast pass time, he immediately came up with 2 or 3 other options of how to use them, save them or move them around the best way. We kept Nathan captive (haha) for 7.5 hours on Christmas Eve Day and again on Christmas Day! Even after we released him, he had the rest of our day scheduled for us and laid out the plans so we would know where to go and when.

At the end of the first day we had done EVERY single ride except for a few that we did not want to do. The best part, I think the longest wait we had was maybe 25 minutes and the rest were 5-15 minutes each (at Christmas! It was crowded!). On our second day, we went to Hollywood studios. Nathan arrived early and had already started our planning for the day, checking wait times and moving around our fast passes. My son loved spending time with Nathan in the parks and he often requested Nathan ride with us on the rides – this made Nathan’s job a lot harder since he needed to plan our next rides while we were on the rides! And he still did it all! He never made promises but always said he would do his best to get us what we wanted. And he came through, and way above and beyond expectations. And again, we did it ALL at Hollywood studios. Even hard to get Star Wars passes! My son wanted to ride the Slinky Dog Dash two times – it was hard enough to get one time and somehow he figured out how to get us on it one more time before we left the park later in the day. I don’t know how Nathan did it all, he ran around a lot, he listened and answered our chatty son’s questions over and over, he moved around fast passes, ushered us straight to rides and was waiting outside the rides when we got out, to usher us to wherever we wanted to go next.

We have been to Disney many times, including 4 times in the past 5 years, I am very good at reading the maps, remembering where things are and getting all the details done for scheduling, and this time I didn’t have to do any of it. I enjoyed the park with my family and didn’t look at a map once, didn’t have to remember where we were and where we needed to go next or worry about missing a fast pass time because we were on the opposite end of the park at the wrong time. This experience was 100% worth the cost. If you go to Disney anytime, a Royal Family VIP tour guide is worth it, but especially if it’s your first time, or if you only have a day or two in the parks. We did 4 days worth of Disney in just 2 days.

Nathan was not just a scheduler and map guide, he was a wealth of information about where to go and when to go in the parks to get the best experience for you and not waste your time trying to get around or wait too long in lines. And believe it or not, we did not pay anything up front until the end of our second day!

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