The Exclusive Royal - VIRTUAL VIP TOUR

Imagine a world where dreams come to life, stories unfold before your very eyes and every moment brims with magic. Whether you’re an individual seeking a whimsical adventure, a group of friends in pursuit of thrilling escapades, or a family looking to create unforgettable memories, the Disney parks have something to make everyone’s wish come true. But what if we told you there’s a way to enhance your magical experience even further…

Experience Disney with Your Own Virtual VIP Guide

Discover how much more you can enjoy with our Virtual VIP Tour! At Royal Family Tours, our service takes you beyond the everyday experience. You’ll have your own Virtual VIP Guide to provide real time expertise and assistance while you’re in the park. Your guide will be your navigator, providing expert advice so you don’t miss a beat of the joyous Disney symphony!
It isn’t just a virtual tour – it’s a personal adventure tailored just for you!


How Can The Exclusive Royal - Virtual VIP Assistant Optimize Your Disney Experience?

While having a guide in the park with you is amazing, some of you may prefer assistance from your smart phone to get the most out of your day. Therefore, we offer you the option to book a Virtual Disney VIP Tour Guide to assist you throughout your day at Disney. With our Virtual VIP Guide, you can expect:

  • Lightning Lane and Genie+ Planning

    Get the most out of your day with expert assistance in managing your Genie+ selections for Lightning Lanes and Individual Lightning Lanes, ensuring you are able to enjoy more rides in less time.

  • 10-15 Minutes Wait Time or even less

    When you follow your VIP Guide, we ensure your Disney adventure is efficient and enjoyable!

  • 7 Hours of Access to Your Virtual  VIP Assistant

    You can rely on our guides to help you book the best rides and attractions. Need more time? Extend your hours as per your convenience!

  • Access to Expert Knowledge and Experience

    Tap into your guide’s extensive knowledge of all things Disney, and get insider tips and secrets to enhance your journey.

  • 1 on 1 Private Guidance with a VIP Tour

    Get personalized attention from your VIP Assistant, ensuring your tour is unique and memorable.

  • No Stress, Enjoy Your Day

    With our Virtual VIP Tour Guide by your side, all you have to do is sit back, relax and soak in the magic!

  • Tour Starts at Least an Hour Before Park Opening

    Get a head start on your day with early access to your Virtual guide, beating the crowd and ensuring a smooth day.

Ready to Amplify the Magic? Book Your Virtual VIP Tour Today!


Here's How It Works

Kick Start


Prior to your trip, we will give you a call for a quick consultation so you can discuss your ideal day at Disney, including must-do rides and attractions.

Kick Up Your Heels!


You sleep soundly while the guide does the work. Starting at 12:00 AM on your park day—our Guide will add Genie+ to your account. Then, at 7:00 AM* they’ll begin making reservations for you.

Kick Up Your Heels!

Kick Up Your Heels!

Throughout your day, your VIP Virtual Guide will stay in touch, making sure your day is going well and making changes as needed to ensure the best day possible. They’ll also provide you with pro tips and advise to make your day in the park easier and more magical.


Why wait when a magical journey awaits you?

Embark on the ultimate Disney adventure with the Virtual VIP Tour from Royal Family Tours. We can be your personal pixie dust, sprinkling magic over your journey and making your Disney experience truly unforgettable. Dreams do come true - and yours are just a click away!