Experience The New EPCOT Ride, Cosmic Rewind

Experience The New EPCOT Ride, Cosmic Rewind

Experience The New EPCOT Ride, Cosmic Rewind

Walt Disney World’s EPCOT theme park takes visitors around the world, into the depths of the sea and skyrocketing into outer space. This park became even more exciting on May 27, 2022, when the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride Cosmic Rewind opened.

Cosmic Rewind EPCOT is a completely unique roller coaster with 360-degree motion. Some EPCOT rides, like Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure and Soarin’ are duplicates of attractions in other parks, but this Guardians of the Galaxy ride at EPCOT is unlike any other.

The Cosmic Rewind Experience

Guardians of the Galaxy is a Marvel action, adventure and comedy film released in 2014. The story surrounds a group of outer space heroes known as the “Guardians of the Galaxy,” who must save their galaxy from the villain, Eson the Searcher. The Disney Guardians of the Galaxy ride at EPCOT sends you and your crew on a space pursuit with popular characters from the movie, including Groot, Rocket and Gamora.

The ride begins in the Galaxarium, which is similar to a planetarium experience, but with Disney’s magical influence. Here, you’ll learn about the differences between Earth and the Marvel planet Xandar in the Andromeda Galaxy. You’ll explore futuristic technologies and other fascinations of life on Xandar.

While touring the galaxy, everything suddenly goes awry. Riders are immediately called into action to aid the Guardians of the Galaxy on their mission. The ride rewinds, rotates and takes you on an unforgettable space adventure.

Experience a Disney First

The Guardians of the Galaxy ride at EPCOT’s opening marked a major first for Disney. Cosmic Rewind is the first roller coaster of Disney’s with a reverse-launch — and it’s also amongst the world’s longest roller coasters for the indoors. Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind features a unique coaster vehicle that rotates 360 degrees, so riders engage in the adventure from all angles. 

Details About the Ride

This new Guardians of the Galaxy coaster is aptly located in EPCOT’s Future World beside Test Track and Mission: SPACE.

It is a thrill ride in the dark designed for kids, teens and adults 42 inches or taller.  A virtual queue is available for Cosmic Rewind, or you can purchase an Individual Lightning Lane entry to enter the Andromeda Galaxy quicker.

Easter Eggs in the Guardians of the Galaxy Ride

Disney “Easter eggs” are celebrity/character cameos, nods or surprises that connect Disney movies and attractions. Cosmic Rewind features numerous Easter eggs, and the following are just a few of the many:

  • Mentions of former EPCOT rides, including Universe of Energy, Horizons and more
  • An image of Walt Disney and the original Progress City model
  • A hidden Mickey in the Xandarian City model
  • A reference to Disney’s famous turkey leg snack sold at the park

Get the Most Out of Your Guardians of the Galaxy Experience

The brand-new Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind ride has quickly become a Disney World must-visit. That’s excellent for Disney, but less desirable for guests looking to score a virtual queue reservation.  In all likelihood, once a standby queue is available, it will also mean many will wait hours to board this 360-degree roller coaster adventure.

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